About Me

I am a 36 y.o French woman currently living on the Isle of Wight.


After 11 years living in Madrid (Spain) I decided to give “the north” a chance and moved to the beautiful Isle of Wight in summer 2019.


I am a humanist that fell in love with science.


In 2006 I gained a Masters in Political Science at Paris-Panthéon Sorbonne University. I studied sociology, philosophy, anthropology, history and economics, from a political point of view.

From 2007 until now I kept on studying and gained 2 other Masters, in International Projects Management and in French Philology and a PMP certification.


I am an inquisitive and passionate soul.


# I can’t stop learning and I thrive extending my knowledge.

# I am an explorer and an unsettler. I shine when I am out of my confort zone.

# I am versatile. The same way I can speak 3 languages, I can adapt to many different functions or activities (and I need this flexibility to thrive).

# I am empathetic. I love people and usually get people’s emotions quite quickly. I love to make people feel good, and push them to achieve their goals.

# I am transparent and honest. I believe being open and straight to the point saves time and creates a better workplace / better social interactions.

# I fall in love with problems. I analyze them and am passionate about finding solutions.

# I am a solver. I love to make things happen. If I commit to achieve something, I don’t let it go until it is done.


I love and trust people.


I am a people person. In my personal and professional life I never get tired of listening to people, understanding their context, their problems, their needs, and there is nothing I like to do more than use my brain to find solutions together.

I am a highly sensitive and empathetic person, and I naturally find myself motivating, pushing or inspiring people to find their way. With all the love I have available.