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What I did

I am a Coordinator for cultural projects.


From 2005 to 2009 I worked in cultural projects: I started as a National Sponsorship Coordinator for the Alliance French Film Festival in Australia, and then moved to Madrid to work in a talents agency.


I am a Teacher at the heart.


In 2004 I lived in Colombia for some months and volunteered as a French Teacher for an NGO based in the favelas of Cartagena de Las Indias.

From 2009 to 2011 I worked as a remote french teacher, using digital platform to teach corporate students all over Spain. I then moved to an e-learning consultancy to manage an e-learning platform.


I am a Digital Project Manager


In 2012 I first worked as a Digital Project Manager for EU funded projects. After 2 years I got a PMP certification and completed a Human Computer Interaction course. I entered Fjord (Service Design Consultancy acquired by Accenture in 2013) as a Project Manager


I am a Researcher, a Strategist, and a Service Designer.


Within Fjord, my background in sociology and anthropology and my never-ending curiosity lead me to work as a Service Designer (research, analysis and design of a strategy). My role at Fjord is not defined by my title. I thrive in this company because it actually gives me the space I need to make my own way and try things out. I can explore and face challenges from as many perspectives I need or want.


And surely more to come...


I am now leading a team of 7 Program Managers spread between Fjord Madrid and Barcelona but I am not keen to own any title. I move, learn and do following my instinct, curiosity and the feelings I get from the changes that surround me.