Elo Climbing.jpg

What I do

I take ownership and I commit.


When you are in the middle of a route with the most difficult part ahead of you, 20 meters of emptiness below you, it is just you and your mind. Either you commit and keep on going, or you give up and ask your partner to belay you.

I love problems and when confronted to one I cannot help but take ownership and commit to solve it. I don't give up and if I get tired or think it is impossible to resolve, I just stop, rest, reboot and try again. I have a very strong will to make things happen.

I am not an expert in anything. I have a broad knowledge and thrive to deep-dive into problems and get enough understanding to be able to push the solution (project or product) and the team forward.


I think.


When you start a new route, you first look at the rock to figure out the best path, and think about the sequence of movements you will need to make to get to the top. 

I thrive when I take part of the thinking process of a product or a strategy and help visualise complex problems as well as potential solutions.

Blueprinting and roadmapping strategies and transform them into actionable tasks / activities / projects is what makes my eyes shine reaaaaally bright.


I am not scared. 


Climbing requires confidence, boldness but also humility and calm. Climbing with your ego doesn't work. Climbing trusting your mental and physical strength, as well as your belaying partner is the only way to get to the top. 

I lost fear in sharing my thoughts, beliefs, choices and decisions. But I do so keeping in mind that I actually don't know anything ( <3 Socrates) and being humble enough to accept being challenged in my thinking. 

I work in teams and help create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone feel their opinion is worth being heard. 


I have my people's back.


Belaying is the greatest metaphor of trust. When you climb you put your life in the hands of your belaying partner. And this person is the one that will put his/her life in your hands, so you'd better watch his back.

I trust people, and they trust me. They don't trust me out of anything, they trust me because I show them that they can do so. I just don't let people down.

I manage projects, products and team in the same way. I don't let my client down, I don't let my team down, I stand up for what I believe.