What I want

I want to own a product or a programme that takes the best out of technology and innovation to solve global issues such as climate change or rethink the way we, as humans make decisions for common good. 


I am interested in projects where design meets social good. I am interested in projects that brings good to people and the planet.

During the last year, me and five other colleagues from Fjord are working on a "little side-project" called #RethinkDemocracy. Our goal is to map out the gaps that lie behind the current voting systems used around the world.

In these times of extreme polarisation of people, groups, and communities we are trying to use design to bring more convergence between people, and to build bridges that could help us, as humans, make better decision for the common good. 

Beyond politics, we are facing a truly ethical and deeply impactful question, and this is what I want deep inside: work with a purpose, work for positive social impact.






I want to undertake an insane challenge.


I want to work with biologists, creative technologists, UX, Service, Business and UI designers, data scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, managers, and any brilliant mind available to create solutions that could solve our planet's biggest issues.